The Midwest Snow & Me

Hey fam so I have been thinking about my experience living in the Midwest Indiana to be precise, with reference to the snow. Okay so am very much lucky to find myself in Indiana which is in the middle of the states in the Midwest, Indiana is referred to-as the cross roads of America which is the official motto of the state did you know that? 😃 thank me later.

So my first time seeing snow was when I came to Indiana and trust me I can never forget that feeling till date I can remember everything that happened on that day…see I was feeling myself but low key cold acting like someone that just won a million dollars. Okay take a moment to imagine how I felt me a local girl from the Northern part of Nigeria I never would have dreamt of it…see if I was born in the south maybe would have been different I know people from that region are well traveled. I took pictures made videos Snapchat to the rescue 😀

Fast forward to 2022 now it’s a whole different feeling I don’t want to be in the snow anymore especially after I fell and the worst part is it did not snow the day I fell down,it was ice like it rained ice for those who don’t know what it is called it’s called “SLEET” very different and in my opinion more dangerous than snow like the road gets so slippery cars sliding and humans on foot sliding and falling down, a coworkers friend slipped and died ☹️ on sleet. When I am driving in the snow my Blood Pressure is high than normal even with the salt on the ground.Then you see big cars and SUV’s speed pass me and I feel intimidated asking myself am I such a bad driver going at 10 miles per hour 😏 …am telling you slow and steady wins the race. Many will say Indiana does not get much snow it’s pretty decent in Indy 🙄 I hear you but I don’t want.

Even in situations like this some people be speeding can you believe that?💁🏻‍♀️
We had a snow storm on this day

Okay so back to my feelings I never look forward to the snow cause it’s a depressing season for me am hardly cheerful and at my best. I know some might be reading and be like wow! give me your snow let’s trade places trust me you have no idea especially for me coming from a country where if you don’t take pics in snow you are not yet abroad 🤣 it’s cause we watch films and see the snow looking so beautiful and want to feel it in real life. Guys do you know that some Americans born here have never seen the snow? They were born in far away states that don’t get the snow with temperatures similar to that of Nigeria.I was surprised myself 😮 say no more 🤫

All I have been trying to say is am tired of the snow I can deal with the cold but not all that white Jeez that white drives me nuts to be honest am at my lowest and less productive it baffles me when people dream of a white Christmas can we please have a hot Christmas so I can go to the beach? For real take me to Florida and the warm part of California or Texas. I can manage to stay in states with less snow like Tennessee, Missouri etc. I want the snow I want the snow better be careful what you wish for fam 😀 and some Nigerians actually survive in Alaska how do they even do it?🤷🏽‍♀️

For me living here in Indiana is cool 😎 in the spring/summer days standard of living is okay there are jobs if you are not the choosy lazy type.but that snow ❄️ is the spoiler for me there are other factors to consider but right now our focus is the snow.To those wanting to relocate abroad to countries or states with snow be prepared the snow is beautiful for taking pictures and that’s it in my opinion all the best. Just thought to pen down my feelings. Cheers 🥂 and thanks for stopping by .

Level Up In 2022

So I promised myself a lot of things last year especially about my blog posts personal life all that new year new me stuff people do. I feel like I was able to achieve some to an extent but again some parts were lacking. Let’s admit it happens to us all and we experience the same thing. Now I feel like I achieved quite a few but again I feel like I spent most of my time procrastinating.

Anyway let’s talk about how to level up in 2022 the past is yesterday today is a new day. I feel like I did this last year and year before last and it worked. Mind you this is my own small pep talk to myself as I work towards the three simple steps 👇 below

1. Spend more time with yourself stay away from so much friends you need to learn to spend time with your self and get to know you better that way you will discover so many things about yourself and also realize how much time you wasted doing unnecessary stuffs with friends who don’t add value. Don’t get me wrong you need friends no man is an island but trust me a smaller circle equals less stress,less headache, less drama. In essence keep a small circle that got your back period.

2. Don’t get too comfortable in your comfort zone. Okay see a lot of people get so comfortable with their current lifestyle which is like a circle ⭕️ you go to work can pay your bills and that it. Hey how about you start thinking of being an employer of labor running your own business and being the boss oh that feeling… Already sounds so good to me so last year I started Amazon FBA still on it even trying to push and go harder in 2022. Not everyone is biz oriented I get it then improve your skills get more qualifications and certifications to get you that six figure job everything is possible trust me. That’s why it’s important to keep your circle small and have the right friends who can push you and elevate you. Look don’t play small think big see the big picture your dreams might make other people feel uncomfortable just go for it.

3. Give Yourself Some Grace don’t rush into things slow down I know I said those things above and they sound good however chill don’t rush into trying to fix yourself and get it all done at once. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself just imagine how long it took you to get to your current position you worked for it and it was a gradual process. Transforming yourself can take months sometimes even years don’t rush the process rather trust the process and take it one step at a time it’s not fair to be hard on yourself.

All being said I wish everyone the very best in 2022 let’s go level up make a difference to were we can look back and pat ourselves on the back and say “I DID AN AMAZING JOB IN 2022” All the best fam go be a part of the winning team see you at the top. Cheers🥂

My Cran Discovery

Hey peeps! So y’all know how everyone try’s to go on a healthy body journey in the new year lol! I decided to jump on the band wagon and not get left behind. I mean they say if you can’t beat them join them right? 😂Anyway before i digress from the real gist i just want to stay healthy and feed fine this year 2021 in between i still want to indulge 🙈 you know a little of those junk food once in a while.

So on this quest of living a healthy lifestyle and searching for foods to help support my immune system i discovered 5 key amazing benefits of Cranberries. i for one think this fruit is underrated. Why don’t we find it in stores the way we see oranges, apples, strawberries etc why 🤷🏽‍♀️?

Well here are the amazing benefits i found out about this fruit that’s rich in antioxidants Infact its ahead of most fruits and vegetables its high in Vitamin C and Fibre .

1 . It’s Rich in Antioxidants

2. Help prevent UTIs

3.Prevents against Gut infections

4. Helps prevent against dental plaques

5.Improves heart health

I have taken it on myself to make my own cranberry juice from scratch and i will share the recipe with you guys here just in case anyone wants to hop on the band wagon.

Three ingredients Orange, fresh cranberries &honey for sweetness cause cranberries are sour so honey will help not compulsory.
My oranges cut into two.
Squeeze…lol don’t mind my squeezer
Water and cranberries in a pot
Let it boil till It starts to pop.

Once the cranberries start popping just know we are almost a step away from our cranberry juice getting ready. At this point you’ll know it’s ready you’ll need to sieve it then add the orange juice and honey.

Leave to cool…Serve with ice if you love ice 😋

Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter

It’s 2:27am and am on bed just thinking about a video I watched earlier today were a white lady punched another white lady in the face for saying ‘All lives Matter’ Am just so confused with happenings going on around the world and am thinking to myself do all Lives not matter do only ‘Black Lives Matter’ ? Hey don’t get me wrong am Black African for that matter I feel the struggle of the black community and what they might be going through as well. But I ask myself does anyone I mean anyone at all deserve to be killed by the police? Is it okay for the police to kill anyone who is not resisting arrest or trying to run from the police? Be you black or white? My answer will be a NO. But still yet I have concluded that I will not put myself in a situation for a police officer to put his knee on my neck or have a reason to shoot me. I will simply master this simple things listed below and teach my kids same. 1. I have to obey the police. 2. Be respectful.Even if am at fault no one is perfect. 3. Yes Sir. No Sir is very key when talking to a man with the Gun. You never know what might tick him or her off. Some of them are trigger happy no doubt. Some are coming from a shoot out. Some are just having a bad day. Some are just bad and really ‘Racist’. Please let’s learn to control ourselves in public and how we relate with the police. Also in conclusion I’d say ‘All Lives Matter’ .

My Short Weird Encounter

Hey fam I think it’s okay to be weird, or do I say it’s okay to be different like do you just sit in your space and have a conversation with yourself reply yourself and even find out you are either hyping yourself or scolding yourself? Lately I discovered that about myself and it’s been going on for a while now am I weird?🤷🏽‍♀️

Ok so talking about being weird the weirdest thing happened to me today. I promise you Mr T begged me to let it go but, hey am not sure I have let it go cause I have mixed feelings about the issue. So I decide to go for my monthly grocery shopping today started at Sams club,African store, Walmart and finally end it at Kroger everything was going well until we ended up at Kroger and after check out we were heading out of the store when the alarm went off on us 🤨… Wait What? Not me and immediately the police officer on duty at the store was like just go I refused like why?

And then Mr T was looking in the cart like did we not pay for something? I was very embarrassed 😞 and being in a predominantly white neighborhood 89% white with a few blacks of about 5.6% I did not take it likely and I know some may be reading and be like so what? The alarm can go off on anyone it could have been a mistake get over it and move on. Lol! Ok I’d move on but my question still has not been answered why will the alarm go off on me?

I do not want be be seen as fitting into such narrative that oh if they stole something it’s cause of the color of their skin or could it be me just being paranoid ?I paid for all the fruits I got and I worked really hard to afford what I buy I do not depend on the government. We have hard working colored people too the stereotypes need to stop.Never have I been so embarrassed 😞 did someone just set us up intentionally?

I could just go on and on but I’d let it slide here. Just curious and I want to know have you experienced such ? I know a lady who trended on the news for a lawsuit against Walmart and won $2million dollars hers was worse cause she was held in police custody and now has a felony on her name. I can’t imagine being accused wrongly or that happening to anyone i know. Sad but true. May we not be at the wrong place at the right time & vice versa. Just thought to pen my feelings down.Cheers 🥂 fam.

This little light of Mine Am Gonna Let it Shine

Are you familiar with the song? This little light of mine am gonna let it shine 🎶. So recently i started playing more kids Christian songs for my toddler and this song came on I remember as a kid we used to sing that song a lot in Sunday school.And that was it i fell in deep thought which of cause led me here.

So today i was pondering on this one thing called the LIGHT…i grew up in a country were we have electricity fluctuation. One day the light is on the next day the light is off… so now that am in the United States and there is 24hrs of light uninterrupted I cherish the light…I have the ability to do whatever I want with the light. The light plays such an important role in our daily lives…Am not just talking of the light we switch on and off but the word LIGHT 💡 guys do you see yourself as the 💡 ? One unique quality of the light is that it does not define its surroundings rather the lights illuminates its surrounding it brings a sudden spark a ray of hope that’s why there is a popular saying that goes there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Well I don’t know about y’all but hey am not letting the darkness disorient me. At the moment the universe may feel deep and we may experience a little bit of darkness once in a while which is allowed to happen. The word of God says we will have trials and tribulations but we should be of good cheer for we have overcome.

Are you letting your light shine or are you just living life as it comes? The Bible says in Matthew 5v16 Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven.In conclusion…How can others see the light in you?Can others see their own life more clearly after interacting with you?Are they drawn to you?

As a child of GOD be an example be that one person that when people come in contact with you the experience change,the feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in you and around you that it radiates over you. Arise and shine for the light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.Let that light shine so others around you can be a witness and want to have what you have. LETS SHINE IN BRIGHT 2021 😘

What Are You Raising Your Toddler Boys to Become?

I have seen and heard of mothers who do not engage their male children. But contrary to popular opinion in the home i grew up my mother had two kids a girl me of cause and a boy lol…my mum was a very busy woman when she was busy so if you did not know how to cook or do basic home chores you are (OYO) on your own.

Why would the male child be allowed to freelance while the female Child is made to do the small chores around the house all this mothers with that mentality of not engaging the male child in the house. I think it is totally wrong that we are not bringing up men who will grow up to be independent.

What brings about the sugar mummy issue it starts from small issues like this the little boy grows up to be a mums boy that he’s so dependent on mummy to wash his clothes, feed him,give him pocket money, buy new clothes for him tell him when to jump and when to sit🤦🏽‍♀️.

Which is also one of the reasons women account for 40% of the household bread winners in the US not to now talk of Africa which i know to be a very common thing… being that it happened to me while growing up my mum was the SOLE BREADWINNER i had a lot of friends who also grew up as their mum being the SOLE BREADWINNER

We mothers of young boys in this generation have a lot of work to do we need to sit up and change the narrative. Our sons cannot grow up to be dependent on a woman they need to grow up to be MANLY MEN yes i said it they need to grow up to be financially,mentally and physically independent men who will cater to their own homes and families.

As for me i will just obey the Bible because to obey is better than sacrifice the Bible in proverbs 22 v 6 says bring up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

My son has started with the basics taking the clothes out of the dryer and taking the basket to the room, taking his plate to the kitchen after eating, giving me his sisters diaper and wipes go get me water to drink, pick up your toys and put them in the toy box, Get the mop and clean the water you spilled on the floor.

We spend time together in the kitchen he decided we use the bread pan to bake this cake.

I will be a failure of a mother if my son grows up not knowing how to cook or do the basic chores in the house, Mothers trust me you don’t want to raise your sons not knowing how to do the basic chores in the home. Imagine going grocery shopping and he can’t even take the groceries out of the car and fix them in the refrigerator etc.

Mothers lets bring up men that will grow up to be, respectful, Accountable, have compassion and respect, self discipline. How they are raised will shape their future. More importantly lets raise them with the fear of God.

Happy New Year Fam

Shine Bright like a diamond 💎 this year lovelies

Am aware I took a long break but hey life happens don’t judge me 😝 I was super busy with other stuffs going on. Like being a new mum for the second time, work -9-5, YouTube,Family etc… am not complaining guys to be honest as much as everyone complained in 2020 I refuse to do same.

Referring back to the post I wrote about with the title ‘RECOGNIZING YOUR BLESSINGS’ I thought to remind you guys that though we are in 2021 and the pandemic is still looming and it looks like there is no hope be very careful not to drown yourself in the negative events happening around you or the world. Remember we made it to 2021 a lot saw the 31st of December 2020 but did not make it to January 2021.

Anyway guys that was just a reminder to stay positive and great full that’s what Nikki will be doing all year no room for any form of negativity whatsoever. I will possess my possessions, confess the word often and positive affirmations, and listen to music more just to keep my spirits high. Glad myself and my family made it to 2021 .

As for this blog I plan to stay consistent to an extent. I will try guys I just got so much going on.The aim is to use my platform as a mum and one who likes to vlog on faith food and lifestyle to bring you guys interesting contents from all the above mentioned.

Thanks for your time lets go prosper in 2021 make more money seat in the drivers seat of your life, feel happier, and be a better version of ourselves no matter how old we are everyday is a second chance to be better.God bless you all. ❤️

Pregnant and a Christian Mum? Follow these Steps

Oh well pregnancy can be a very interesting time of a woman’s life it changes your body and changes your whole lifestyle entirely.But in all as Christian mothers what does God want us to do?

Some may say it’s simple prayer et al. Yes but no there is more to it. let me just tell you guys a short story I was on bed on my usual not sleeping episodes during my third trimester and God ministered to me the topic above and I thought to myself…Hmm nice idea but I did not pen it down and I slept off that night.

Some few days later or there about the ministration came again and I immediately jumped up and picked up my writing pad and and pen and started to write as the Holy Spirit was ministering to me and I will say I did not for once regret obeying the instructions from the Holy Spirit himself.

I do not want to bore you guys with too much talk and start listing out all the points he gave me so I’ll simply drop the link to my YouTube video down and you guys can go ahead and watch it. Remain blessed while watching as he also ministers to you too.